The simplest way to submit your VAT Return

You’re registered for online VAT filing with HMRC? Cool! Then you’ll find it a doddle to file monthly or quarterly, straight from hAIbooks. hAIbooks does the hard work for you, completing your VAT Return and submitting it to HMRC, no matter how complex your business.

VAT Return

When an inspector calls, you’ve everything you need.

Clear, simple VAT reporting that gives you a detailed understanding of your final VAT due figure, as well as real-time snapshots of VAT due at any time, to help you plan. hAIbooks’ holistic VAT reporting toolbox gives you a clear audit trail and covers transactions from anywhere - bank statements, credit notes, expense claims, the works. So when an inspector calls, you’ve everything you need

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All the schemes. All the rates

No need to stress about your VAT scheme - hAIbooks handles standard, cash, flat-rate and annual accounting effortlessly. Make mixed supplies? Perhaps you’re partially exempt? Buy stuff from the EC or outside it? Not a problem. hAIbooks’ VAT toolbox is fully equipped to deal effortlessly with reverse charges and EC acquisitions, as well as every sales rate and exemption.

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Easy accounting from anywhere with hAIbooks

hAIbooks takes on your accounting challenges so you can take on the world


Automated repeating invoices

Set it up once and off you go! Slash invoicing and payment times with automated repeating invoices


Build your brand

Enjoy the freedom to create and develop a brand to be proud of, for every customer touchpoint.


Payment integration as standard

Give your customers a range of payment options and currencies that suits them - and you. PayPal, Stripe, WorldPay and more.